Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rwanda culture rocks India

The Rwandan Students’ Association in Pune, India, organized a cultural extravaganza which depicted the country’s rich cultural heritage.
The event was organized at the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture and was well attended by the international student community as well as businesspersons from Pune.
The two sets of graceful cultural dances drew a loud applause from the audience. A documentary highlighted the enormous progress made by the country over the last 19 years.
It captured all that there is to see in Rwanda, right from the clean capital city of Kigali to the world famous mountain gorillas.
A hip-hop dance and an impressive fashion show of a variety of ethnic costumes and garments added to the flavour of a fun filled evening.
In his speech, Clarence Fernandez, the India representative of the Rwanda Development Board, invited those who had not yet visited Rwanda to plan a visit as part of “India Week 2013” scheduled to take place in Kigali in May, 2013. A solo performance by David, a Rwandan student, lifted up the spirits of the guests.
Promote it
Joane Kayibanda, the president Rwanda Students’ Association in Pune, thanked the guests for sparing time to come and discover the Rwandanculture, and the participants for putting together the event which adds value to the country.
She said, “Our culture is among the best things we have in the country and it should be promoted from generation to generation.”