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Uganda`s Top National Parks

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Often described as the "pearl of Africa", Uganda is a beautiful country with a beautiful scenery, friendly people and breath taking wildlife. Below we take you through the great national parks the country has.

Murchison falls national park;

Murchison falls is the world’s most powerful waterfalls that lies at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley and is the country's largest conservation area hosting 76 species of mammal and over 451 birds. .it was one of the country's first national parks and at the falls the Nile squeezes through an 8m wide gorge and plunges with a thunderous roar creating a trade mark rainbow .the best time to visit is during the dry season from December to February and from June to September as the animals congregate around water bodies like elephants, buffaloes, hippos, and aquatic birds which are permanent residents.

Bwindi Impenetrable national park;

Bwindi is a bio diverse mountainous area in south west Uganda. It’s a home to mountain gorillas who feed on fruits, roots and leaves. in the park rough paths weave amid dense forests which are home to many butterflies and birds .it’s also well known for birding because it has a variety of birds 350 species ,and some of the other activities include cycling, mountain biking and the great cultural encounters.

Kibale national park;

Kibale national park is commonly known for chimpanzee trekking. The national park contains one of the most beautiful and most varying tracts of tropical forests in Uganda. It’s a place to a number of forest wild life most especially 13 species of primate coupled with chimpanzees,
The best time to visit the park is November to February, and June to September. Hiking helps discover the parks assorted habitats such as the river line forest, swamps, grassland and tropical rain forest. When you visit Bigodi top birders spot, its famous for chimpanzees, red colobus, white colobus, red tailed monkeys and mongoose. About 138 bird species are seen when doing nature walks that last between 2 to 6 days.

Queen Elizabeth national park;

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Located  in the south west of Uganda and is the park of variety  flora and fauna and it is acknowledged to be a habitat for over lots of  mammal species over 600 species of birds.
This National has about five levels of vegetation including Bushy grassland, Acacia woodland, lake shore or swamp vegetation and on this settles the cape buffaloes, Uganda kob, water buck, warthog, lions, leopards, hyena, giant forest hog, elephants, shoe bill, beaked pelicans and many others .
Around the park is the kazinga channel, the mweya peninsular, the equator and the queens pavilion in mweya and we see the tree climbing lions in ishasha a must see if you travel with Tailor Safaris .

Rwenzori mountains national park;

This is the home to one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, located in the Rwenzori Mountains. It was named a UNESCO heritage site because of its extraordinary natural beauty. You can experience hiking of your life with breath taking waterfalls, high glaciers, the valley of the 9 lakes, and fauna.

Lake Mburo national park;

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A perfect scenery for photographers and close to Entebbe air Port a true place for bird enthusiasts, Lake Mburo is a home to variety of animals including  hippos, zebras, hyenas, impala, and many others. Together with 13 nearby lakes, Lake Mburo forms part of a 50km wetland system and has much woodland The Park is a all round year good for visiting .

Semiliki National park;

It’s made famous by the sempaya hot springs but the hot springs are not for bathing as the temperatures are above 1000c, try boiling an egg in it as a test, it should be ready within 10mins, you can try out a good nature tour and the park has primate creatures too like grey checked mangaby, chimpanzees, pygmy antelopes and many birds,red tailed monkeys, family elephants,

Kidepo National park;Image result for kidepo national park map

It’s the most isolated national park in Uganda never the less it’s worth the long journey through the wild frontier region of karamoja to witness such a splendid beauty.
It lies between Uganda’s boarders with Sudan and Kenya. It accommodates over 70 species of animals and more than 450 birds. It’s very hot temperature with seasonal lakes and good for game drives

Mgahinga National park;

Home of the Mountain Gorillas located way up in the clouds it’s close to Kisoro.The Park is a dense forest and natural habitat for the mountain gorillas and endangered golden monkeys. Not only is a tour around the park an exciting opportunity to see rare animals but even the significant cultural experience the Batwa pygmies a tribe of hunter gatherers. The country side  3 Mgahinga extinct volcanoes that will make your memorable safari to Uganda .

Mountain Elgon National Park;

Next to Kenya and Uganda border, Mount Elgon national park is an extinct volcanic mountain with the largest surface areas of any extinct volcano in the world. Bird watchers and photographers will have opportunities to see mammals as well as birds, invertebrates and beautiful flora and fauna.
The hot spring in the former volcano craters is one of Tailor safaris` test for a memorable tour of Africa

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Uganda`s Wildlife


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Lake Victoria

Africa is known for its incredible lakes, however Lake Victoria is the most famous. Named after Queen Victoria herself by John Speke himself in 1858. Also known as Victoria Nyanza this is the largest lake in Africa (about the size of Ireland), with an area of around 26,828 square mile (Its coastline exceeds 2,000 miles)! Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world and there is only one freshwater lake in the world that is bigger and that is Lake Superior in North America.

Due to the size of the lake it is part of different East African countries. It sits mainly in Tanzania but also Kenya and Uganda. (See below)

Being the main reservoir of the Nile it is filled with wildlife such as around 200 species of fish (like the Tilapia). Lake Victoria has very clear water and if you look just below the surface you will see an abundance of reefs and archipelagos. Within Lake Victoria there are around 84 islands known as the Ssese Group. These attract a high amount of tourists due to the beautiful views and the exotic wildlife.

Scientific studies have shown that in the past the lake has dried up completely. This could be due to the fact that approximately 80% of the lakes water comes from rain.

In 1996 (May 21st) a ferry known as the MV Bukoba sake in Lake Victoria. Around 1,000 people died in the accident making it one of the worst maritime disasters in Africa's history.

The lake is surrounded by many towns who use the lake as a dumping ground for sewage every day. Along with farm waste this is causing the lake to become very polluted. Another issue is a plant called Water Hyacinth. This plant is not native to Africa and was brought across from Europe. It is a fast growing plant and over the years has started to cover large parts of the lake blocking sunlight for life below the surface. Scientists worry that soon these issues could cause all life in the lake to go forever. 

Above shows a photograph of a lake covered in water hyacinth. 

Lake Victoria is stunning and definitely somewhere to visit on your trip to East Africa.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

East African Giraffes

The giraffe is the tallest animal on earth reaching up to 19ft 3inches (Male called George who lived at London Zoo). Many people know them for being tall and graceful but there are many things that you may not know.

Did you know that there are 9 different subspecies of giraffe and many of them have multiple names?

Reticulated or Somali Giraffe
Masai or Kilimanjaro Giraffe
Angolan or Smokey Giraffe
Kordofan Giraffe
Nubian Giraffe
South African Giraffe
Nigerian Giraffe 
Thornicroft Giraffe
Ugandan or Baringo Giraffe

Each of these subspecies has it's own qualities that are different from the others. For example if we compared the Masai Giraffe to the Somali Giraffe we get some interesting comparisons.

Masai: Males - 19 feet
            Females - 16 feet
Somali: Males - 18 feet
             Females - 17 feet

Masai: Jagged irregular star-shaped patches, buff coloured below the knee.
Somali: Large liver-coloured (sometimes reddish) patches, in a polygonal pattern outlined nicely by white lines. Unlike the Masai the pattern also covers the legs.

Masai Giraffe                                                           Somali Giraffe

As you can see from the above photos, visually they are very different. Like humans, giraffes are all unique and no two giraffes have the same markings. This can be used to identify individuals.

These particular giraffes used to be found across all of Africa however due to deforestation and their loss of habitat they are now only found in East Africa.

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New Writer!

Hello everyone! My name is Hannah and I am the new writer for Tailor Safaris. I will be writing about animals, so anything you want to know, just ask! :)