Thursday, 18 October 2012

About Tailor Safaris

Welcome to Africa, the world`s most thrilling continent to experience adventure .And welcome to Tailor tours and safaris limited one of the Great lakes regions leading operators for professional adventure travel.
This  is one of the most established tailor made safari companies operating in Uganda, Rwanda and is completely African based and each year sees us introduce new innovative itineraries due to increase demand in the tailored trips to fit individual or group clients budget, time and mostly value for their money  to Africa
We started with one office in Uganda and after hard work and commitment to professional approach in our services, we now have retail contact offices in Rwanda, United Kingdom and USA.
Tailor safaris is a GSM-Alumni family owned   company which was begun by some young Ugandans who lost all their parents as a result of wars and HIV in the great lakes region  and where  raised  in Africa by the Americans sponsorship programs  under  the Good Samaritan Ministries.
Seeing  this region  again in its medley of wonders in culture, birds, primates and the many investment opportunities  enjoy the real pearl of Africa after the many years of unsettlement from the 1970`s is a great achievement  .
With the passion and love for Africa about its vest nature, Tailor tours and safaris was established by these well trained and experienced orphans who were given the opportunity to study up to the university and also traveled to different countries to attain professionalism .So why not let Tailor safaris show you their real Africa and by traveling and with us, you are giving to the African children who are being sponsored through our different awareness programs in Rwanda and Uganda.
Tailor safaris` commitment to quality more than anything and guaranteed excellence in value for money, runs bird watching safaris, primate trekking, cultural safaris, cycling challenge tours, school education trips, missionary and volun-tourism discounted  vacations, car hire,  research and photographic trips .SO       START     SAVING    NOW    FOR   YOUR    MEMORABLE     LIFE TIME     AFRICAN     ADVENTURE.